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Happy Food For a Lousy Mood

Certain Kinds of Food Do Make You Feel and Sleep Better

Planning a wedding is no easy task. It is easy to be overwhelmed with the many minute details that go into wedding planning, much less stay on course with your bridal fitness routine. And ensure that you get enough rest, sleep and eat the right kinds of food so that you are on the path to looking the radiant and beautiful bride that you want to be! What worse kind of stress can a woman put herself through. That's enough to get one down.

With that in mind, we thought to devote today's article to tips on how to eat your way out of unhappiness. Eating the right kinds of food can make you feel better. How about that?

Nutritionists say that consuming certain kinds of food can indeed bring on a good cheer. What we eat can affect our sense of well-being and even how well we sleep. For instance, a little protein can raise the tryptophan levels in the body. Tryptophan helps the body produce serotonin, the "mood-lifting" brain chemicals that makes a person feel good.

Other sources of tryptophan include almonds, sesame seeds and peanuts.

But you won't be able to lift your spirits by simply tucking into a slab of steak or popping a fistful of nuts. You have to take some complex carbs too.

Complex carbs - found in whole grains, potatoes, pumpkin and yam - allow the body to uptake and metabolise tryptophan into serotonin more efficiently.

Besides making you feel good, serotonin also helps you sleep better at night - which, in turn, affects your overall well-being.

Chronic deprivation of sleep may lead to an increased risk of depression in the long run. Serotonin is used to make melatonin, a natural hormone produced in the body which acts as a natural sleep aid.

Small amounts of melatonin can also be found in certain food such as bananas, oats, corn, brown rice and tomatoes.

But can what we eat really help us sleep better?

Certain food like cottage cheese, turkey and milk, which contain tryptophan can help to form sleep-promoting serotonin. Drinking warm milk, or taking a warm bath before bedtime, might also help.

The warm milk causes your body temperature to rise. When the body temperature cools, there is a sleep-inducing effect.

Also, going to bed overly hungry, eating too close to bedtime (less than two hours before you sleep) and eating food cintaining cafeeine and alcohol will also disrupt sleep.

Just as certain food may put you in a good mood, a bad diet is likely to worsen your mood if you're susceptible to mood swings. Indulging in food that might makes you happy, such as sweet snacks and fried chicken, may end up causing you to feel worse. You may end up feeling bloated and unhealthy after eating all that greasy stuff.

This happens because simple carbs found in cakes, biscuits and white rice can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate. It is rather like a roller-coaster - you perk up for a short while, and then your mood dives again.

It is natural to feel sad sometimes, but if there is no apparent cause for that feeling (after all you have a wedding to look forward to), then you should take a closer look at your diet.

A bad diet - too much carbs, processed fats or mineral deficiency can cause brain-chemistry imbalance.

Key Points:

1) Take some protein. Sources of protein include lean meat, seafood, eggs and tofu. This increases tryptophan levels in your body, which is used to produce serotonin, a mood-lifting brain chemical.

2) Include some complex carbs too. Good sources of complex carbs include wholegrains, potatoes, sweet potatoes and yam. This allows the body to uptake tryptophan more efficiently.

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