Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Diet Food | Food for Weight Loss 3

This is Part Three in the Bridal Weight Loss Nutritional Tips Series (Foods for Weight Loss). Please click for Part One and Part Two.

These tips will most helpful to brides-to-be working on losing a few pounds before their wedding day. In fact, continuing to use their bridal weight loss nutrition tips even after your wedding will ensure that you maintain your ideal weight!

11) Using Tomatoes for Bridal Weight Loss

This fruit contains vitamin C and citrimalicoxalic acids, which revs up one's metabolism.

Tomatoes also help the kidneys remove large quantities of fatty deposits.

To top it all off, these fruits only contain 32 calories, and are an excellent source of dietary fiber, which improves digestive health and encourages weight loss.

To incorporate tomatoes into your wedding weight loss diet plan, simply add them to your salad. Or make tomato soup.

12) Using Cayenne Pepper for Bridal Weight Loss

This particular pepper can curb one's appetite and increase one's metabolism by 20 per cent.

Moreover, the main ingredient in cayenne pepper - the capsaicin - helps the inhibition of fat cell growth and reduces hunger.

To incorporate tomatoes into your wedding weight loss diet plan, you can add them into stir-fries, or in creamy potato gratin.

13) Using Horseradish for Bridal Weight Loss

The benefits of this little-used ingredient should not be underestimated. Not only is it very low in the calorie-counter department - just 6 per teaspoon, it also can dissolve the fat inside your cells. Coming from the same family as wasabi, it has a spicy taste, which has been proven to curb appetites.

To incorporate tomatoes into your wedding weight loss diet plan, try smearing it across your steak sandwich, or scooping a bunch of it onto your fish pie.

However, do note that people with stomach disorders should avoid consuming it. Due to its overpowering flavor, it can sometimes upset your stomach.

The above is Part Three in the Bridal Weight Loss Nutritional Tips Series (Foods for Weight Loss). Please click for Part One and Part Two.



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Amazing! I don't usually buy into all of these weight loss gimmicks - I believe in hard work and proper diet. But then again, I have been trying to lose my extra 5 pounds for ages by pounding away at the gym for 1 hour, three times a week, and not seeing any real difference. So my friend's recent photos of her slimmer self was the motivating factor.

I got myself into the program - and I recommend it! The site itself is cool - attractive colourful cartoons, and it explains things in an easy to understand manner reminiscent of the XX for Dummies book series. But there is nothing idiotic about the subject matter.

Actually, this program may be more beneficial to those of us trying to lose some weight rather than for the grossly overweight - the program targets 9 pounds in 11 days, and focuses on the food we eat rather than exercise. Those who have to lose a lot of weight should incorporate exercise routines as well, but that is not the focus here. Nevertheless, it does contain valuable information on food intake, which the grossly overweight could use. For the rest of us, sometimes it is changing what we eat rather than those extra hours at the gym that will help us lose that tough bit of extra pounds we need to.

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And I liked their list of Top Fat Burning Foods! Not bad at all :)

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